Initial assessment

Prior to your first appointment, if you are happy to, I will email you a form to complete to help me understand what your concerns are. A copy can be found here.

At your first appointment you will have time to share what has brought you here. You may wish to discuss what is causing you worry or distress; or you may have physical problems that you would like help and advice with. It is useful to get a sense of what you would like to change or achieve.

As I offer several ways of helping you (a menu if you like) together we will decide where may be best to start and come up with a plan that we will re-visit regularly.

If at this appointment you decide that counselling is something you would benefit from I will go through the ‘counselling contract’ with you. This ‘sets the scene’ for how we work together. A copy can be found here.

“And here you are living. Despite it all.”

Rupi Kaur