Therapy for Health

Are you curious as to how you can manage your health in a better way with both emotional AND physical support?

Do you live with chronic pain or chronic fatigue? Do you live with a long term health condition and have struggled to cope? Or do you have a new diagnosis or illness?
I am passionate about using the Mindbody approach.

What does this mean?
In a nutshell my way of working with you acknowledges that our bodies and minds are intricately connected. It is through acknowledging and working with this awareness that we begin to heal.

What does this look like in practice?
It means that when looking to help you with your health issues I consider both traditional ‘medical’ approaches to healing as well as aspects of your life that are often neglected by modern healthcare. My approach considers all parts of you and your life. Your mind AND your body.

What other aspects of your life can we look at?
There are parts of your life that influence your condition, your symptoms, your pain and your overall health. Examples could be chronic stress, previous life experiences, grief/bereavement, trauma, relationships, emotions, habits and personality. I seek to support you explore and consider some of these influences, to make connections with the impact they may have on your symptoms and find solutions to help.
Equally any health issue can dramatically effect our lives in other ways eg finances, work, relationships and mood. I can provide a safe place for you to express and resolve how you may be feeling.

What is my treatment?
One size does not fit all. Please take a look at my ‘Examples of who I can help‘ section for ideas and also the ‘counselling‘ and ‘physiotherapy‘ sections for what kind of techniques and approaches I use. I also offer therapy purely for chronic pain. See ‘therapy for pain’ section for more details.

I can provide counselling and physiotherapy either individually or as an integrated approach to help you explore, understand and ultimately benefit your emotional and physical wellbeing. Some people find face to face counselling challenging in which case I offer walk and talk therapy. See here for details.
In addition to this I also offer several classes (currently on-line). These are designed and have been adapted for people who may struggle to attend ‘normal’ exercise classes or have issues around their mobility and movement. See ‘Classes’ tab for details.