Hello. My name is Gemma Price.

I am a Counsellor and Physiotherapist working online, face to face and outside in nature.

I offer counselling for anxiety, trauma, stress and burnout and bereavement and loss.

I also specialise in helping people with issues related to health and illness specifically persistent pain, chronic fatigue and long-term conditions. For 25 years I worked in the NHS helping people to live well despite what health challenges they might have.

Life can be overwhelming. Anxiety, stress, health issues and low mood may be a sign that you would benefit from support. I know that these experiences can feel confusing and scary. It is not unusual to feel a sense of loss or anxiety about the future. Living this way can be a lonely and you may feel unseen and misunderstood. All of this can affect your relationships, work and life choices.

If you are living with chronic pain or illness I know how this can take its toll. Having space to talk this through with a person who understands what it’s like is vital and can make a world of difference to how you manage.

I have been alongside people throughout their physical and mental health journeys and understand the highs and lows. Together we can start to make sense of it all in a safe environment and find a way for you to live well despite the challenges you may have.

As a Pluralistic counsellor, I will chat with you about what you need from counselling and work with your preferences. We are all different and one size does not fit all. I have a keen interest in helping people with their physical and mental health holistically in a way that considers your experiences, your emotions and your body.