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“The body speaks to us through symptoms. Symptoms tell us something is going on, whether through the nature of the symptom, the effect it has, or the changes it demands”

Deb Shapiro

Do you feel like

your condition has stolen your life?

Like you have no control over your body? Having a long-term health condition can have a ripple effect, impacting many areas of how you live. Your work, your hobbies, your sleep, your relationships and your plans for the future can be changed either through a sudden diagnosis or the long-term impact of living with an illness.

I offer you a space to make sense of this, process your journey and listen with understanding and non-judgment.

Your mind and body are inextricably interconnected. If you are curious, I am also interested in helping you to make links between your life experiences, your emotional life and the impact these may have on your physical symptoms. Many people are surprised by how much having this awareness and making some small changes can influence their condition for the better.  

I am in a unique position to offer both my medical awareness and experience as a physiotherapist in the NHS for 25 years as well as my counselling training to support you with your health. My main goal is to give you understanding and control of your physical well-being where you are able to live the best possible life.

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Health Conditions
Health Conditions

Conditions I am able to help with…

(but am not limited to):

Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Stroke, Functional Neurological Disorder, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Long Covid, Chronic Fatique Syndrome, ME, Asthma, COPD, Heart Disease and post heart surgery, Cancer at any stage of treatment, Balance issues and Falls, General Frailty, IBS, Ulcerative colitus

Situations I may be able to help with can include (but are not limited to):

-Exploring the triggers and stresses that may contribute to chronic pain.

-Making sense of the impact of previous trauma on physical symptoms.

-A new diagnosis that may be distressing or confusing.

-A worsening of a pre-existing health condition that feels overwhelming or scary.

-Living with a long-term condition and exploring the effect of this on relationships, work or finances.

-Experiencing an injury or accident and needing to tell the story of what happened and the impact it has had.

-Noticing the effects of aging and wanting a space to explore what the future holds.

-You are a relation or carer of a person struggling with their health.

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Health Conditions

Therapy for Health conditions

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