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“Even to speak about links between mind and body is to imply that two discrete entities are somehow connected to each other. Yet in life there is no such separation; there is no body that is not mind, no mind that is not body. The word Mindbody has been suggested to convey the real state of things”

Gabor Maté


Life can be overwhelming.

Anxiety, stress, health issues and low mood may be a sign that you would benefit from support. I know that these experiences can feel confusing and scary.

Anxiety feels terrible in both your body and your mind.

Stress can feel overpowering.

Low mood means it is difficult to know where to start.

Living this way can be a lonely and you may feel unseen and misunderstood. All of this can affect your relationships, your work and your life choices.

If you are living with chronic pain or an illness, I know how this can take its toll on every part of your life. Having space to talk with a person who recognizes this is vital and can make a world of difference to how you manage.

I have been alongside people throughout their physical and mental health journeys and understand the highs and lows.

 Together we can start to make sense of it all in a safe environment and find a way for you to live well despite the challenges you may have.

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Chronic Pain - MindBody Therapies - Banchory, Aberdeen

Therapy for Chronic pain

Specialised chronic pain recovery

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Therapy for Health conditions

A holistic approach to supporting you with your health

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Adapted strength and balance classes

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Fees & Location

My fees are:

£55 for an hour appointment

£80 for an hour and half appointment

Payment is via a BACS transfer.

I ask for payment before your appointment and for 48 hours notification if you need to cancel.

I offer face to face appointments in:


Brathens eco business park

Hill of Brathens, Glassel, Banchory AB31 4BW


7 Carden Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1PP (parking and level access).


Sessions delivered via Zoom.

Walk and talk therapy:

Private and nature inspired routes around Banchory.


Please contact me on


Mobile: 07971573221

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